Changing a Bathroom with Color

I like to decorate using white as a backdrop for my rooms.  I know… boring.  But when you use a neutral color as a background, it’s easy to change the room from season to season.  Spring is here!  And I wanted to add some color in the house.  I’m always changing the table setting, but this time I wanted to add some color to the bathroom.

I had repainted the shelves in the bathroom a while ago & went with ivy, pearls & clear candle holders, but it was time for a change.

I found these little beauties on sale & I couldn’t resist them.  The color just called to me.

And just by replacing the candles, curtains, shower curtain & towels I changed the entire look of the bathroom.

A very simple change to brighten up a room & bring some Spring back into the house.

I love this look.  You can do it too, with a few items in your favorite colors.