Apple Centerpiece

September is the back to school month.  One of the symbols for that is the apple for the teacher.  Apples are always popular this time of year, and I know that they’re very popular in decorating, especially in country decorating.  Today, I thought I’d make an Apple Centerpiece to celebrate the beginning of Fall.

Finished Apple Centerpiece

And this is how I made it:

I started with a foam wreath shape that I got at the Dollar Tree.  I cut the foam in half using a serrated bread knife.

Apple Centerpiece          Apple Centerpiece

I covered the foam ring with Reindeer Moss, using hot glue.  Do a little bit at a time so that the glue doesn’t dry and by taking your time, you won’t be as likely to burn your fingers. (oh how I hate that)

Apple Centerpiece          Apple Centerpiece

I got a bag of small apples from Michaels.

Bag of Apples for Apple Centerpiece

I cut toothpicks in half, and inserted the pointed end of the tooth pick into the apples.  I inserted them on the side of 8 apples & on the bottom of 8 more.  This made putting them into the foam ring easy, and you really don’t need hot glue.

Apple Centerpiece

I evenly spaced 8 apples around the top of the foam ring, and then did the same to the sides of the ring.  (I spaced the ones on the sides between the apples that were on top) (a total of 16 apples).  Then I added some variegated ivy to fill in around the apples using wire floral pins. (I like the way the lighter shade of the variegated ivy looks with the richness of the red apples)  I cut the ivy into manageable sized pieces and filled in anywhere I felt the centerpiece needed it.

Cutting Ivy for Apple Centerpiece          Adding Ivy to Apple Centerpiece

Then I traced around the foam ring onto cardboard.  (I really should have done this in the beginning, but hind sight is 20/20.)  After I’d cut out the circle, I used hot glue to attach the cardboard onto the bottom of the ring.  (the foam is very messy)

  Apple Centerpiece

I liked the way the centerpiece was turning out, but as usually, I thought that there was something missing.

Apple Centerpiece

What was missing?  Glitter, or course.  So I got out my red glitter baby breath.  I cut small pieces of the baby breath, & evenly inserted it around the centerpiece.

Apple Centerpiece

I really liked the way the glitter baby breath gave the centerpiece a finished look.  What do you think?

Finished Apple Centerpiece

Finished Apple Centerpiece

I can’t wait to use this in a tablescape!

Happy Creating everyone!

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