Easter Towel

I have a bad habit of picking up towels when they’re on sale.  Since I like to sew, I know that I can always change them up to match what ever theme or color that I’m using at the time.  It doesn’t matter what color they are, I’ll find a way to use them & decorate them to make them work in my home.  And isn’t that what crafting is all about?  Why have a plain white towel hanging in your home when you can have a decorated one?

I had a little left over fabric from my Easter Place Mats, so I thought I might bring some of the fabric into the kitchen.  There wasn’t very much fabric left over, but there was enough to trim one side of a hand towel.

The Easter Towel was given 2 different looks.  I put fabric on one side and ribbon & an applique on the other side.  I like having reversible items, mainly because I like change. (at least when I can control it.)

I took the left over fabric & cut it to fit the width of the towel, with a little extra to fold under the raw edges.  Then I  straightened out the top & bottom of the fabric, leaving enough extra to fold under.  I folded over the top & bottom of the fabric to conceal the raw edges, pressing in place.

Then I pinned the fabric to the towel

& stitched close to the edges, all the way around.

First side done!

For the second side, I used ribbon & an applique to decorate it.

I cut 2 ribbons to fit the width of the towel, plus about 1/2″.  One ribbon for the top of the design that was woven into the towel & one ribbon for the bottom of the woven area.

I folded under about 1/4″ on both sides of the ribbon to encase the raw edges & pinned the ribbon in place.  I repeated the same thing for the second ribbon.

I stitched the ribbons close to the edges all the way around.

Then I folded the towel in half to find the center of the towel.  I used a pin to mark the center. 

I pinned the applique to the center of the towel, between the ribbons & stitched in place, close to the edges of the applique.  Second side of the towel done!

I now have one towel with two different looks.  This can be done with any left over ribbon or fabric to give your towels a custom look & go with any holiday or home dec theme that you are using in your home.

I now have a reversible towel for the Easter holiday!