Juice Pouch Tote Bag – Tutorial

I made these Juice Pouch Tote Bags years ago and recently, a friend asked me to make some more for her daughters.  The kids love them, and they make great Christmas gifts.  I thought that since I’m making them, I’d show you how I did them.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

What you’ll need:

19 juice pouches  (cleaned & dried)

1 yard of 1″ wide webbing

Size 16 sewing machine needle (or a jean needle)  (anything smaller will break, ask me how I know)

Sewing machine

2 colors of thread  (white or grey for tote & matching webbing color)

Straight Pins

To clean the juice pouches, cut a slit in the bottom of the pouch, wash with soapy water, rinse & stand them up to dry.  A paper towel helps speed up the drying time.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Start by making the pocket for the front of the tote.  Fold over one of the juice pouches about 1/3 down.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Pin in place & then sew using a wide zigzag stitch.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Add the pocket piece to a matching pouch, lining the design up.  Pin in place.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Then zigzag the sides of the pouches together.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Lay out your pattern.  You’ll need 3 pouches for each row.  2 rows of 3 for front (total of 6) & 2 rows of 3 for the back (total of 6).  I put the pocket in the center bottom row.  Pin in place.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Pattern

Sew the rows using the zigzag stitch.  Back stitch the corners of the pouches where they join to strengthen them.  You’ll be making 4 rows.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Place a row over the bottom row.  This helps little hands go into the pocket easier.  Zigzag rows together.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

The front & back are done.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Next you’ll be adding the handles.  Cut 4 pieces of the webbing 18″ long.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Pin the raw, cut ends under about 1/2″.  This is to encase the raw ends to keep them from fraying.  Just make sure that they are pinned under so that the handles will lay flat.  The picture shows 2 sides.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Change the thread to match the webbing & sew the handles to one side of the tote.  Repeat for the other side.  I sewed the handles on in a square & then an X to give them extra strength.  (kids can be rough on them)

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Handles

The back of the tote shows the stitching much better.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag handles

Next, lay out the pattern for the sides & bottom.  I like butting the bottoms of the pouches together  for the bottom.  You don’t have to, I just like the way it looks.  Pin them together & sew together, making 3 rows of 2 pouches.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Pin the sides to the body of the tote.  This is when you need to double check to make sure the pouches are facing the right way.  It’s not easy to rip the stitches out of these pouches. (again, ask me how I know)

Juice Pouch Tote Bag sides

Sew the sides to the body of the tote bag.  I reinforce the areas where the pouches are joined by back stitching a little.  This will help keep it from coming apart when the little ones are using the Juice Pouch Tote Bag.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag sew on sides

Once the sides are sewn on, you’ll add the back to the tote.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

Now comes the tricky part.  Add the base to the tote.  I’ve found that the easiest way to do it, is to pin the entire base in place and then sew the sides together first.  Fold the tote as needed to get the sewing machine needle into the tight areas.  Again, use a back-stitch to reinforce the places where the pouch corners meet.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Base

Your Juice Pouch Tote Bag is now complete!  Here’s the front of the tote.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag front

And the back of the tote.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Back

And here are some of the recipients of other Juice Pouch Tote Bags that I’ve made in the past:

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Model

Juice Pouch Tote Bag Model

I think they liked them.  😉

They make wonderfully unique gifts, and by repurposing & recycling the pouches, you’re not adding to land fills.

Happy Creating everyone!

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