Makeup Storage

I’ve been going through a lot of things lately.  I’m trying to pare down what I have, and reorganizing what I keep.  This time, it’s my make-up that I’m reorganizing & purging.  Where do you keep your face?  Some keep theirs in a make-up bag, some on a tray, and the Beatles said that Eleanor Rigby kept her face in a jar by the door.  I keep mine in drawers.

Make-up Storage Finished Drawers

I’ve found that by keeping my make-up separated in different drawers, I seem to get ready a little more easily.  But it’s been awhile since I’ve gone through any of it, or bothered to clean out the drawers.  Frankly, they were a mess.

I’m always getting ready in a hurry, and I’m not necessarily neat when I’m rushed.  I’m a little embarrassed to show you what they looked like before I cleaned & organized my make-up drawers, but, here they are were:

Make-up Storage before

I started my purge by emptying out all of the drawers onto a table.  Then I separated the make-up by types.

Make-up Storage

Good grief, does anyone really need this much make-up?  My answer is, no, I don’t.   After the drawers were emptied, I washed them in hot soapy water.  The foundation drawer was especially hard to get clean, but Dawn does a wonderful job.

Make-up Storage

Then I started to go through the make-up.  I only kept pretty much what I use on a regular basis.  I looked at the make-up pile & wondered why I had powders, since I haven’t used powder in a couple of years.. so out they went.  I had stick concealers which I haven’t used since I found Hard Candy’s cream concealer.. out they went.  And does anyone really need 4 different shades of foundation?… out they went.

Make-up Storage

The lipsticks, lip liners & glosses went through the same purging.  I only kept the shades that I really like, and only if they feel good on.

Make-up Storage

The eyeshadow…. that was the biggest purge.  I have green eyes.  Not Hazel, not grey green.  They’re green.  Most shades make me look tired, especially browns & pinks.  Grey, silver, charcoal, pearly whites & black are what bring out the green and the sparkle in my eyes. (and at my age, that’s what I want)  So, most of the eyeshadow went.

Make-up Storage

Same goes for the eyeliners and mascaras. (Did I really need blue or pink eyeliner or green mascara?)

Make-up Storage

This is what I ended up purging:

Make-up Storage trash        Make-up Storage

I know that picture might make some females cringe, but it really felt good.  Once I’d gotten rid of all of the excess, I started to arrange all of my make-up in their drawers.  There’s a drawer for foundation, one for eyeshadow, one for eyeliners & mascaras:

Make-up Storage Foundation Drawer  Make-up Storage Eyeshadow  Make-up Storage

One for lipsticks, one for colored shadows (that I might wear for special occasions) and one for colored pencils and cream liners:

Make-up Storage Lipsticks  Make-up Storage colored shadow drawer  Make-up Storage colored eyeliner drawer

There’s even a drawer for my back up supplies.  These are things that I use on a regular basis that I’ve gotten on sale & with coupons.

Make-up Storage Extra Supplies

Because I usually get ready in the bathroom, I keep my hair supplies in there so that they’re handy.  The drawers are also holding my soft head bands & claw clips, one for elastic bands & clips, and one for my hair combs (which I wear almost all Summer long)

Make-up Storage Head Bands  Make-up Storage  Make-up Storage

And the last 2 things that I put on before leaving the house are my earrings & a watch.  So why not keep them in the bathroom too?  (Granted, these are not the good jewelry, but the ones that I wear around the house, to work or for  shopping)

It’s just another way for me to get ready in my perpetual hurry.

Make-up Storage        Make-up Storage

I’ve gone from this mess:

Make-up Storage before

to this:

Make-up Storage Organized

Now that I’m organized again, I can get completely ready in half the time!

I hope this has given you some ideas for organizing your make-up and accessories.

Happy Creating everyone!

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