Star Ornaments

These ornaments can be hung on a tree or used to embellish packages.  They’re simple to make & customize to any color you need.  And it’s an easy craft for the kids to make, too!

Star Ornaments

I started out with a package of Styrofoam stars, some wire & tacky glue.

Star Ornaments

The first thing that I did was cut some thin wire about 1 1/4″ long.  Then I bent the wire in half to form a hanger for the stars.  I dipped the ends of the wire into some Tacky Glue and inserted the wire hanger into the top of one of the points of the star.

Star Ornaments

Then I painted the stars with different colored acrylic paints and hung them up to dry using an ornament hanger.

Star Ornaments

Once the ornaments were dried, I gave them a good coat of Mod Podge.

Star Ornaments

And then covered both sides with glitter.  Clear glitter would work with all of the colors, but since I’ve been collecting glitter for years, I thought I’d match the glitter to the color of the ornament. (love the neon pink)

cover Star Ornaments with glitter

Then shake off the excess glitter:

Star Ornaments

And hang to dry.

Hang Star Ornaments to dry

They can be used as they are right now, or you can embellish them farther.  I chose to embellish some of them.

I wanted to add gem stones to the stars, but they’re sometimes a little hard to pick up.  I know that the gems stick to wax, so I dipped the end of a skewer into some melted wax.  I re-dipped the skewer into the wax 3 times (letting the wax cool in between) to give the tip of the skewer a good coating.

Star Ornaments

Once the skewer was coated, picking up the little gems was easy.  Just touch the wax end to a gem & it picks right up & is easy to place the gem exactly where you want it.

Star Ornaments

Add your gems to the stars, I used hot glue to adhere the gems to the stars.  Using the skewer also helps you to not burn your fingers.

Star Ornaments

Star Ornaments with gems

Or you could add some rhinestone strips to the stars. (these remind me of starfish):

Star Ornaments

Or how about some fancy buttons?

Star Ornaments and buttons

Once you have you little stars finished, you can hang them on the tree:

Star Ornaments

Because these are light weight & unbreakable, you could add some ribbon to the hanger & add them to the bow on a package.  It’s always nice to have your gifts do double duty. 😉

Add Star Ornaments to Bow

Happy Creating everyone!

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