Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

Now that you know how to make a decorated candle, let’s make a centerpiece to put the candle in.

What you’ll need:

Something to hold your centerpiece.  Mine was 3″ high by 5″ high.  You don’t want it too wide.

Floral Foam for dry arrangements

Bread Knife  (it make cutting foam easy)

Sheet Moss

3″ x 6″ Pillar Candle

6 roses with leaves (cut stems 3″ to 4″ long)

1 spool of Wire edge Ribbon (2 1/2″ wide x 9′ long)

Paddle Wire (6 – 9 or 10″ lengths)

Wire Cutters


Baby Breath (I used Glitter Baby Breath, but then again, I can never have enough glitter)

Wooden Floral Picks with attached wires.

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