Magic Face

This is something that I made for my little ones when they were young.  Seems like a million years ago.  Now, I make them for the little ones that come into the place where I work.  It keeps the little ones busy while Mom or Dad are trying to check out.   I take it to them & say, “have you ever seen a Magic Face?”

When I give it to them, I always tell them a little story.

“This is a Magic Face.  And he looks really sad, doesn’t he?”  I always get a sad nod to this.

Then I say, “Do you know how to make him happy?”  That’s when I get the sad face and they shake their head.

Then I tell them, “You have to turn their frown, upside down!”

That’s when I turn the sad face upside down:

The look on their faces is so adorable.  Their little eyes open up wide & they’re so surprised!  Then they have to show Mom or Dad.  Most of the time they say, “happy, sad, happy, sad”.  It helps them to start looking at things just a little differently & opens their minds to a little creativity.

It always amazes me how something so small, can make a little one so happy.  And I can’t tell you how many parents have thanked me.

Give it a try on your little ones, and watch the smiles begin.