Valentine’s Day Cat Toy

I’m crazy about my little princesses.  So I couldn’t have a holiday go by with out making something for them.

What you’ll need:

1 red felt square

Polyester fiberfill

Marking pen or tailor’s chalk


sewing machine & thread

1/8″ red ribbon


To make the pattern, I just used a folded sheet of paper and cut out 2 different sized heart shapes. One larger than the other.

Fold the felt square in half.  Trace the pattern pieces onto the felt. Use a tailor’s chalk if you don’t want the marks to show.  Use a permanent marker if you don’t care if the marks show.

Cut out the 2 heart shapes. (folding the felt in half will give you 2 pieces of each size)

Open the heart shapes & lay your ribbon down the center of both pieces.  This will join the two pieces into one single toy.  I left a tail of ribbon at the top & bottom to give them something more to play with.

Pin the heart shapes closed, leaving a small opening on the side so you can fill them.

Stitch around the hearts, back-stitching where the ribbons are, to secure them in place, so kitty won’t pull them out.

Stuff each of the hearts with some fiberfill & a teaspoon of catnip.  When you’ve stuffed them as much as you like, pin the opening closed.

Sew the opening closed, back stitching to secure the stitching.

Give the new toy to your kitty & watch the fun begin!

I think they like it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!