How to Make an Oval Placemat Pattern

When you’re creating a tablescape, it’s usual to have placemats to add color to your table.  I’ve found that I can never find what I’m looking for in the conventional stores.  I’ve been making my own placemats for years.  They are always unique & colorful. And once you know how to make your own, you can save a lot of money.

What you’ll need:

Brown Craft Paper:  (I always use this kind of paper because it is sturdier than other paper & is very inexpensive.  If you make a mistake, it doesn’t hurt so much to throw it out and start over. You’ll need a sturdier paper if you’re going to reuse the pattern many times.) I find this paper in the stationary section of Walmart or at the Dollar store.



Saucer or Plate


On the craft paper, measure 17 1/2″ wide by 12″ deep. This is the size that works for me.  Adjust it as you like it. This placemat pattern is  for your table.

Cut out your pattern.  Measure up from each corner 2 1/2″ & mark. (You’ll have 2 marks at each corner).

Place your saucer or plate on the corner of your pattern.  Draw around the plate, joining the marks that you made at the corners.

Cut along the curved line that you’ve just made.  That’s all there is to making your own oval placemat.




Valentine’s Day Wreath

Making your own wreath for the holidays is easy.  With this wreath tutorial, I’ll show you just how easy it is.

What you’ll need:

Grapevine Wreath

1 1/2″ wide wire edge ribbon & 2 1/2″ wide wire edge ribbon.  (one spool each that are 9′ long)

Purchased bow or make your own

Valentine’s day sprays (I used 3) Purchased at

hot glue gun & glue sticks

Chop stick or wooden dowel (to hold items in place while the glue dries, it saves fingers from getting burned)

paddle wire to anchor the bow to the wreath

wire cutters


floral tape

Take apart the sprays using wire cutters.  Gather the parts in odd numbers, small bunches of 3 or 5.  Cut the longer pieces in half.  (they are much too long for the wreath).  Use the floral tape to create little bouquets.  I made little bunches of loops with several of the spray pieces, and several were left straight.  Leave the white sections in singles.  I also cut the stems of the sprays into small sections & used them as stems for some of the small sprays that I made to give them strength & to save my fingers from being burned.

I used 2 different sized ribbons to wrap the wreath & make the bow.  I laid the smaller ribbon on top of the wider ribbon.  Wrap the wreath with both ribbons, gluing in place as you go. I like letting some of the grapevine “curly Qs” peek out of the ribbon.

Add a bow to the side of the wreath. I usually put the bow on the side of the door that opens, (not the hinge side)  It’s my personal preference. but that’s up to you.  It’s your wreath.

Now you can start gluing in the little bouquets that you’ve made.  Start with the longer pieces, putting some above the bow & some below it. Then use some of the smaller bouquets in between the loops of the bow.  Add the white parts to the bow, scattering them evenly.

And you’re done!

I tied some fishing line to the back of the wreath and hung it from a small nail that is at the top of my door since it was going in the center of glass.  By the way, did you notice that there are no flowers on this wreath?  The white sections of the sprays add just enough so that you don’t need flowers.

Easy diy Painted T-Shirt

I love to create, paint & wear my own T-Shirt designs.  They cost very little to make & are unique.  That’s the beauty of hand-painted wearable art.  They’re ‘one of a kinds’. They also make wonderful gifts.  I’ll show you how to paint a Valentine Heart T-Shirt the easy way.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A washed & dried t-shirt.  (do not add fabric softener)

Freezer Paper


Red Fabric Paint (I used Tulip Soft in Berry Red Matte because that’s what I had)

Clear Glitter Fabric Paint (I used Scribbles Glittering Crystal Fabric Paint)

Fine Red Glitter

Paint Brush

Styrofoam Plate or Plastic Lid


Cardboard or Cutting Board covered with plastic wrap

Making your Pattern is easy.  Fold a piece of paper in half & cut out a heart shape from the paper, just like you did in grade school.  When you get the size that you want to fit the size T-Shirt you’re going to use, trace the heart onto the freezer paper.

Then cut out your heart shape.  This will now be used as the stencil.

Place the shiny side of the stencil on the t-shirt where you want it. Play around with the placement. This is your creation.  Put it where you want it.

When you have the stencil where you want it, and the shiny side against the t-shirt, press it into place with a dry iron, making sure that the edges of the stencil are securely pressed to the fabric of the T-Shirt. Slide your cardboard or cutting board inside the t-shirt.  (you need the cardboard/cutting board in between the front & back of the shirt so that the paint won’t go through to the back of the shirt).

Pour some of the red paint on to the plate/lid.  With the paint brush, start from the outside of the stencil, (freezer paper) bringing the paint in towards the center.

Continue around the entire edge.

Fill in the rest of the stencil area.

Apply a second coat, touching up any areas that you might of missed.

When you’ve filled the heart in & there are no sparse areas, peel off the freezer paper.

Let the paint dry.  You now have a painted t-shirt.

You can leave it this way, or add some glitter.  (and anyone who knows me, knows that I can never have enough glitter.)  So, let’s glitter it up! Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Napkin Rings Alternative

Not enough time to make your own napkin rings?  No problem. Even if you have no time at all to cut, measure or sew, you can still use napkin rings to finish off your Tablescapes.

I found these Wilton ‘engagement ring’ Party Favors at Michael’s in the wedding section. (It seemed fitting, since that’s the day that my husband proposed to me.)

Just slip them onto the napkins to add a little bling!

Still no time to go out and purchase the Wilton Party Favors?  No problem. Tie some ribbon around your napkins.  Or wrap your napkins with some holiday garland.  It’s not hard to create a pretty tablescape. Just use your imagination!

Now, that was easy!

Valentine’s Day Cat Toy

I’m crazy about my little princesses.  So I couldn’t have a holiday go by with out making something for them.

What you’ll need:

1 red felt square

Polyester fiberfill

Marking pen or tailor’s chalk


sewing machine & thread

1/8″ red ribbon


To make the pattern, I just used a folded sheet of paper and cut out 2 different sized heart shapes. One larger than the other.

Fold the felt square in half.  Trace the pattern pieces onto the felt. Use a tailor’s chalk if you don’t want the marks to show.  Use a permanent marker if you don’t care if the marks show.

Cut out the 2 heart shapes. (folding the felt in half will give you 2 pieces of each size)

Open the heart shapes & lay your ribbon down the center of both pieces.  This will join the two pieces into one single toy.  I left a tail of ribbon at the top & bottom to give them something more to play with.

Pin the heart shapes closed, leaving a small opening on the side so you can fill them.

Stitch around the hearts, back-stitching where the ribbons are, to secure them in place, so kitty won’t pull them out.

Stuff each of the hearts with some fiberfill & a teaspoon of catnip.  When you’ve stuffed them as much as you like, pin the opening closed.

Sew the opening closed, back stitching to secure the stitching.

Give the new toy to your kitty & watch the fun begin!

I think they like it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!