Easter Towel

I have a bad habit of picking up towels when they’re on sale.  Since I like to sew, I know that I can always change them up to match what ever theme or color that I’m using at the time.  It doesn’t matter what color they are, I’ll find a way to use them & decorate them to make them work in my home.  And isn’t that what crafting is all about?  Why have a plain white towel hanging in your home when you can have a decorated one?

I had a little left over fabric from my Easter Place Mats, so I thought I might bring some of the fabric into the kitchen.  There wasn’t very much fabric left over, but there was enough to trim one side of a hand towel.

The Easter Towel was given 2 different looks.  I put fabric on one side and ribbon & an applique on the other side.  I like having reversible items, mainly because I like change. (at least when I can control it.)

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Easter Bonnet Door Hanging

I’m still decorating for Easter.  I certainly couldn’t have a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath on the door for Easter.  Because the theme for this year is purple & eggs, I wanted to put both of those into the door hanging.  Instead of the traditional wreath, I chose an Easter Bonnet this year.  This was one of the easiest door hangings that I’ve done in a very long time.  I hope you enjoy it & will try one for yourself.

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Easter Bunny Display

I’d seen something similar to this on-line & thought I’d make a much less expensive version.  It was a little time consuming, but the results were worth it.  This little display adds a pop of bright colors to where ever you place it. Continue reading

DIY Easter Egg – Ornament Tree

Since the theme for my Easter decor was going to be Easter Eggs, (because of the fabric that I chose)  I started to shop around for an Easter Egg Tree or an Ornament Stand.  I couldn’t believe the prices!  Not one of them were under $28.00!  And I didn’t like any of the designs.  My brain went into high gear to come up with an inexpensive tree that would go with my holiday decorations this year. This is what I came up with:

It’s a little time consuming, but can be customized to meet your needs & home colors.

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Purple Easter Tablescape

Purple is the color to help spread epilepsy awareness, so I’m posting this today in honor of it.

What a difference a placemat makes.  I turned over the Easter Tablescape Place Mat to the solid side to make this tablescape.  I love the color purple, but living in a household full of men, I don’t usually use the color around our home.  (it’s not really a ‘manly’ color)  But for Easter, I couldn’t resist.   I hope you enjoy our Easter Table Scape.

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Easter Tablescape

It’s almost Easter!  Time for a new tablescape!  I love doing these.  They brighten up the dining area & with a plate change, the whole table looks different.  Using the Easter place mats that I made, I created 2 looks using  the patterned side.  I thought I’d share them with you.

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Easter Place Mats

Spring is right around the corner!  And that means that Easter will be here before you know it.  Time to change out the St. Patrick’s Day decorations & replace them with all of the pastels of Easter.

There were so many beautiful fabrics to choose from this year.  I spent more time in Joanne Fabrics than I should have, but I finally found a theme for this year.  Easter Eggs!  And the fabric that I found had so many lovely colors in it.  I checked the color sample area of the fabric & really had to debate on which color I wanted to go with this year. 

Since I live in a household full of men, I don’t use my favorite color very often.  (not exactly a ‘manly’ color)  But, I just had to go with Lilac for my tablescape.  I couldn’t resist it.

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Cat Bed fit for a Princess

My little princess (her name is Two) likes to hang around me, where ever I am.  She’s behind me on the chair when I’m at the computer, she cuddles with me when I’m on the couch, & she’s usually at my feet when I’m in the craft room.  The craft room has vinyl flooring, so it can be a little cold. We put vinyl flooring in so that I wouldn’t have to worry about pins or beads getting lost.  But it can be a little cold and it’s not as soft as the chair or couch.  So I needed something for my little Two to curl up on.Cat Bed

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DIY Padded Hanger

I’ve learned that if you want your nylon stockings, panty-hose, knee-highs, bras & panties to last, do not put them in the dryer.  The heat from a dryer will break down the fabric and shorten the life of the garment.  I used to just hang them on plastic hangers to dry, (Metal hangers left a ridge in the items) but they kept catching on parts of the hangers.  I was saving the stockings just to snag them while they were drying.  That’s when I came up with this idea and it’s been working for me for years.

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