Schwarzkopf vs. L’Oreal Hair Dye Review

Oh coupons… you can be good and bad.  I got a very large coupon for the new hair dye by Schwarzkopf.  I usually use L’Oreal hair dyes, but since the coupon was so large, I decided to give it a try.

This is my personal review and opinion of Schwarzkopf hair dye compared to L’Oreal.

Schwarzkopf vs. L'Oreal Hair Dye Review

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Natural Way to Shrink Your Pores & Blemishes

Another Tips & Tricks!

Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for a natural, inexpensive product to shrink your pores?  How about a way to make blemishes go away?

I’ve been using this facial once a week for most of my adult life.  It works & makes the pores on your face so small.

Also, if you have a blemish on your face, dab this on the blemish at night, and by the morning, it’s nearly gone, if not gone completely!

What is it?

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No Chemical Facial Peel

Time for another Tips & Tricks post!

Tips & Tricks!

Have you ever wondered why men seem to look younger, longer?  It’s because they shave.  They shave the dead skin away from their faces.

Well, vanity thy name is woman.  I like the idea of looking younger, too!  That’s why I’ve been using this No Chemical Facial Peel once a month for most of my adult life.  It’s the best way that I know to ‘peel’ away the years, without using all of those dangerous chemicals.

It removes the dead layer of the skin, and leaves the texture of your face so soft & smooth.  Make-up goes on much better after doing this.  And it’s probably something you already have in your home.

What is it?

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Customize Your Hand Cream

I love Calvin Klein’s Obsession.  I’ve been wearing it for most of my adult life and when I venture out of the house (which isn’t that often), there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t get a compliment on it.  I could (and have) literally bathe in it.  I’ve been known to spray the light bulbs with it so that the warmth of the light bulb spreads the scent all over the bedroom.

This is how I incorporate my ‘signature’ scent into my hand cream & keep it with me all the time.

Label the Customized Hand Cream

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